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BLENDi Blender Pro

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Establishing itself as the largest rechargeable USB portable blender on the market. The BLENDi Pro cuts the cord on traditional blending and juicing. With the touch of a button you’re able to blend a protein shake in the gym, a smoothie in the car, or a margarita on the beach all in the convenience of your portable blender bottle. Our 6 engineered blades are perfect for chopping fruit and crushing ice. One fully blended the spout top allows you to drink straight from the BLENDi without having to screw the top off. The 18oz capacity we offer is also optimal for all different types of shakes and bigger smoothies. The USB charger cable we supply you cuts down on battery waste. Our sleek design is perfect to show off to friends and family and even slip into your backpack holder to carry along with for a hike! The glossy finish gives it that shine and premium look it deserves 

Item Specifications

  • Warranty: 60 Day Limited Warranty
  • Capacity: 18 fl.oz.
  • Some Parts Dishwasher Safe NOT INCLUDING BASE where it charges
  • Also Works For Other Beverages, Including Alcohol
  • Power: 120W
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • RPM: 25000r/mins